I sometimes I wonder if one day I will wake up and realize that this world we live in is only a dream.
At that moment, I wouldn't have any sense of reality. Not that it would feel uninteresting or boring—it just wouldn't feel real.
For example, a lonely intersection, a woman’s body, the pale colours of a sunset… all of these surely exist.
But at times, these things seem like reality is in flux and it’s never again constant.
At that intersection, people may come and go. The more I look at her body, the more I see changes. The same goes for the colour of the sky—you’ll never see the same sky again. Only subtle differences.
We live life every day, as if in deja-vu, while only seeing small changes in reality.
Reality can be like a ripple on the surface of the water.
Just as it all looks the same but is different, everything is not always as it seems.
We are living in between a past that will never return and a future that may never come.
On the other hand, when we dream, it all feels so real. But when we look back on the dream, it is in fact a carefully reconstructed arrangement of our past.
Dreams are created by the things we've experienced in our lives; regardless of our intentions, the past will come in the future.
What this work expresses is the sense of contradiction one feels having experienced a dream that feels so real that it leads one to question reality itself.  (Whether or not it exists is not a decision, but more likely a fact; the transience of the presence exists even though it shouldn't.)
You may feel you have seen it before, but that is impossible. Because this is my memory, a lie created in my head, my own personal past.


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